Rainy days with Wentworth Miller


Now that I’ve been here a month, I’ve kind of gone through the eye of the vagabonding needle and now I just feel like I’m living here. Which is actually a great place to be. Usually when we travel we’re so busy running around and seeing everything and doing everything that we just don’t have time to *be* in the place. In order to *be* in a place you have to reach that point where you have no impulse to do anything. My expectations of what I needed Thailand to be have fallen away now, and I’m able to appreciate and really experience the place, especially when I’m doing nothing.

Wentworth Miller, thinking of a way to escape and be with me.

For example, this weekend I holed up in my room to watch two seasons of Prison Break, and discover my new definition of “a can of frosting” in Wentworth Miller. Turns out each season has 24 hour-long episodes, so that was 48 hours of TV over a 4-day period. And if my thesis is correct, this helped me to really *be* in Thailand.

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