You can Ring my Bell


Tonight just as I sat down for sushi, an elderly woman rang my Ring video doorbell. (Rung? Done rung? Whatever). The poor thing was lost and disoriented, and I wanted to rush home and help her but that was impossible (mostly because I had just ordered wine).

So I called the police, because I figured a night in the slammer would jog her memory.

Just kidding – I called the convalescent home where she was living and they sent someone right over. But the police got there first and talked to her for a while to calm her down (the tasing probably helped).

The people from the home finally showed up and took her away, and it turns out it was Cicely Tyson!

(Not really but what a great ending to the story. I mean sad for Tyson, but great for dinner parties).

As I watched the whole drama unfold on my iPhone, I was loving that in 2019 I can be helpful to humanity without having to actually interface with people.

(This is also proof that eating may be my true calling…)

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